ECO Designed Homes.

Every project is uniquely different, so why should we restrict ourselves to just traditional building materials. Building in double brick and tile because it is ‘the way it has always been done’ is a lazy way to design a building. Instead, Horizon Design an eco building designer, weighs up the variables applicable to the project and chooses the materials and construction method that most suits and gives the home or project the best energy rating possible for the budget.


We have extensive experience with various materials ranging from contemporary glass and steel to more rustic mud brick or straw bale structures. Solar power, grey water recycling and passive solar design are always in our mind when designing a building and can be incorporated as needed by the client.


Often the immediate environment can offer design suggestions such as using local rock or incorporating shapes & topographical features into the project. It is important to us to create a building that is part of the environment, not imposed upon it.


Using the environment, the most suitable materials and cutting edge engineering, spectacular results can be achieved.


Rob always investigates the local surrounds and endeavours to incorporate local shapes & features to create a unique and individual design.

Rob believes that a designer should be mentally and physically in harmony with the sites ecosystem and dynamics combined with the clients expectations of what is achievable on a given budget. If any one of these criteria is compromised then the project is in danger of not achieving the spectacular effect that is desired.



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