Perth Building Designers for Executive Residential,
Commercial and Industrial Developments.

Our creations go beyond your imagination, as do our designs. Our modern eco-friendly building designers are based in Perth Western Australia. We enjoy interpreting our clients imagination and ideas, converting their dreams into reality. Our motivation is to merge aesthetics with function, space, in conjunction with maximizing the clients needs and wants, all within budget.

We respect the implications of the changing climate, and we emphasis our buildings and orientation on passive solar design.


Simple ECO friendly design makes a building more liveable, saving YOU the client energy costs and helps to save 
OUR environment.


Horizon Design is conversant with conventional and alternative construction materials, supported with cutting edge engineering. We design individual buildings inspired by our clients ideas while keeping in harmony and flow with the environment.

Horizon Design and our Design Philosophy.


Building Designer, Rob Skipworth of Horizon Design says, that with the right insight into commercial and residential construction, a building is able to take the form of any imaginable shape and concept that will best suit the desired location and aspirations of the client. This is able to happen with the use of the most advanced materials, construction methods and cutting edge engineering, as well a total understanding of the construction of buildings.



HORIZON DESIGN has received many awards over years from the Building Designers Association of Western Australia and the Master Builders Assoc, including a winning National Design Award from the BDAWA. Rob Skipworth is now regularly invited by the BDAWA to be a judge for their annual design awards in Western Australia.

Alternative Materials for an ECO Designed Home.


Every project is uniquely different, so why should we restrict ourselves to just traditional building materials. Building in double brick and tile because it is ‘the way it has always been done’ is a lazy way to design a building. Instead, Horizon Design weighs up the variables applicable to the project and chooses the materials and construction method that most suits and gives the home or project the best energy rating possible for the budget.