Horizon Design has many years of experience when it comes to residential and commercial additions in all forms of construction. From the small house extensions, patios, granny flats to the full restoration of an old heritage home, all is possible. You have all heard the term Renovate or Detonate, we are able to advise you which option best suits your renovation and budget.


When starting a new addition we believe there are 3 ways of design:

  • Match the existing building in style and construction.

  • The new addition to be total separate in style thus saying I am an addition.

  • Complete make over, transforming the existing tired building into a new oasis.


The choice is yours, all 3 concepts in their own right can perform for you as the clients, making your old tired space become your dream home conforming to your lifestyle.


Additions are all about Planning, Design and Design.

We can offer a Design and Tender service if you need a builder to quote.

Click HERE for more information on this service.

Where your extension is a small single storey, large 2 storey house addition or a commercial addition, we can advise on all phases from the design, council applications and the construction of your renovation.