Residential Strata Title Subdivision
Residential Strata Title Subdivision


Multi Unit Development by Design
Multi Unit Development by Design

Residential Strata Title Subdivision
Residential Strata Title Subdivision



by Horizon Design

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Mixed Use Developments

Horizon Design has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial subdivision developments, giving you the confidence that you will maximise your final profit. Whether a Duplex or large Residential Subdivision, Apartments or Commercial we have all the consultants from Planners to Engineers and Builders just a call away.

As all consultants are individual businesses who are masters of their craft you will get honest and credible reports and recommendations which may make you thousands of dollars rather than a loss if you receive the wrong information.


We want YOU to PROFIT
So we can work together again next time.


How do we start your development?


Site visit.

Site investigations.

Land Survey.

Preliminary Design.

Prepare information for consultants to quote.

Design and Development.

Planning application and approvals.

Working drawings.

Tender the work to be completed.




Right from the start we do an investigation into your site ascertaining its potential for development.


From small rear battleaxe to large multi site developments sustainable design is our focus so you can gain best price in your market place.


Call Rob to discuss your site's potential